How to Shop for Designer Shoe Brands: From Iconic Labels to Emerging Designers

How to Shop for Designer Shoe Brands: From Iconic Labels to Emerging Designers

Everyone wants to own a designer bag which will not only give you a fashion statement but will give you a lot of advantages as well. You will be able to make a statement whenever you will walk on the streets, in front of the shopkeepers and people around you. People will also like your personality as they will be impressed when they will notice your bag.

But this process is not easy, as we are not able to see bags like we wear clothes. The designer brands don’t sell their bags to everyone, as they have very high price tags, but the fashion lovers and those who love to be noticed are those who can afford these expensive bags.

To get your hands on such luxury bags, you can just use our platform and you will get your hands on designer bags without paying any money. You will have to go through various processes before you can get your hands on a designer bag, as you can’t just buy it anywhere.

But what are the procedures of getting a designer bag? Let us check out:

The Best Brands Of Handbags & Carryalls

Handbags are a great fashion accessory which add glamour to a woman. Not only this, it also acts as a personal item. This article contains the list of some of the famous handbags and carryalls that can be used by you. These bags will definitely make you look classy.

1. Coach

This is one of the most famous designer bags. It is the timeless classic and is used by the celebrities. This bag is available in different shapes and sizes and they are all made up of high quality leather. The bag is made up of leather and has the classic monogram in front of the zippers. The zip closure makes it easy to access the compartment. This bag is available in different colours and is easily available in various online stores. The best thing about this bag is that it will never go out of style.

2. Burberry

Burberry is one of the most prominent designer brands. It is a fashion brand which has gained its popularity due to its classy collection. This is one of the top-selling bags and it has been on the market for years now. The bag is not only beautiful but has a very classy touch to it. Burberry is the most expensive bag in the world as well. It is one of the most expensive bags and the prices range from £100 to £2000. This bag is a classic and you can get it in different designs and different patterns.

3. T.J.Maxx

The T.J.Maxx is a wonderful designer carryall. It is available in a large number of colour combinations. It is the affordable designer bag that will help you to carry all the important things while travelling. It is a very handy bag that will make your day easy.

4. Hush Puppies

It is one of the cheapest designer bags that are available in the market. The designer bags are available in different colours and designs. This is an ideal bag that can be carried by women and even by men. You can wear it as a travel bag or for casual use.

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a great handbag brand that is available in different colours and designs. It is a very popular and affordable designer bag. The Michael Kors bag is made up of genuine leather that is high in quality. It is one of the top handbag brands and has gained a huge customer base.

6. Vera Bradley

It is one of the most popular handbags that you can buy. The Vera Bradley bags are designed in various patterns and the best thing about them is that they are durable and cost-effective. They have a great look and make you look gorgeous.


We have discussed the most popular and best selling designer handbags. You can buy them from any of the above-mentioned websites. But before you buy them, you must know that you have to pay a high price for the designer bags as they are made up of genuine leather and the materials. So, it is better to buy these bags after knowing the brands and designs that you want. You will definitely get a lifetime warranty for them and if you feel anything is wrong, then just send it back to the store and they will replace it for you without any charges.


Step 1 – First you will need to search the internet for the designer brand, which you want to buy the bag from, and you will get their websites listed.

Step 2 – When you will visit their websites, you will be able to understand the products, which they are selling, and you can get your hands on their latest collection or current collections. If the designer brand has a social media page, then you will be able to see their posts about the new collection, which they have launched or their collection that they are going to launch.

Step 3 – Once you will find the post that you are looking for, you will have to comment on it and ask whether they are still accepting orders or not. If you find that they are, then you will have to click on the link given in the comment and if the link is valid, you will have to login to the website and place your order.

Step 4 – After placing your order, you will have to fill up the form with your personal details and then proceed to make the payment. If you will not be able to make the payment online, then you will have to make a payment using your debit or credit card and you will have to wait for the delivery of your bag.

Step 5 – Once you will receive the bag, you will have to follow the provided instructions and you will have to write down the serial numbers on the bag. You will have to keep a copy of these numbers, as they are very important for any replacement or insurance purpose.

Step 6 – Finally, once you are satisfied with your order, you will have to send the photos of the bag and the serial numbers to us, so that we can get your bag delivered to you.


So, these were some of the steps that you need to follow to get your hands on a designer bag. I hope that this article was helpful and now you will be able to get a designer bag in a very simple way.

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