The Top Shoe Accessories for Kids and Babies: From Shoelace Locks to Light-Up Heels


Did you know that buying shoes for your kids is like buying clothes for your baby? The same way you have to choose the size right, then your kids will grow as they are growing older, so you should choose the right kind of shoe for their age.

Shoes are an integral part of our life; no matter if it is for school or sports or just for playing with your kid. If you are looking to buy shoes for your kids, it is better to go online than to shop in a local store.

There are thousands of choices and brands available on the internet for your kids and babies. So, before buying for your kids you need to consider some things. The list of things to consider is given below:-

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Foot Size in Kids

If you don’t know the size of the feet of your kid, then this post will help you to find out. There are different types of shoes that will be good for small, medium or big feet. You need to buy the right shoe size for your child and you will feel happy to see that the foot size of your child grows with age.

In this article, you will find out how to check the size of the feet of your kid and if the shoe size is available in your market or you need to take extra care.

Finding shoe sizes of your kid

If you want to know the size of your kid’s feet then you need to ask your kid to stand on the floor without wearing any shoes, then take the measurement from the heel of the foot to the tip of the toes.

How to calculate shoe size in kids?

If your kid is a baby or a toddler then you don’t need to calculate the shoe size, as the shoe size is just like a foot-print of your kid’s foot. If your child is older than 6 years then calculate the shoe size using the following formula.

The shoe size is available in your market

If you have found that the shoe size of your child is available in your market, then you are lucky. You can buy it without checking the size of your kid. It is always recommended to use the existing size of your kid.

But if you didn’t find the size of the kid’s foot in your market, then it means that you need to take extra care while buying it. This is because you will need to choose the right shoe size according to the foot size of your kid.

Choosing a right size shoe

If you want to buy the right shoe for your kid then you need to check the size of the foot of your child. In that case, you can also check the size of your kids feet from your mom or dad.


If you don’t know the right size of your kid, then follow the above mentioned tips to find out the size of your kids foot. If the size of your kid’s foot is not available in your market then take extra care while choosing the right shoe for your kid.

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As the age increases wrinkles start appearing on our faces. Yes, wrinkles are not harmful but it looks ugly and it is the first thing that people notice.

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We all know that there are some simple tips which can help us to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

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Apply moisturizer

Apply moisturizer before you get out of the shower, as your skin will remain moist for a longer time. Moisturizer keeps the moisture inside the skin and prevents dryness of your skin. So, if you have some time at the end of the day then apply moisturizer before you sleep.

Sun protection

Avoid the exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you are a sport person then you can play any outdoor game. But if you are a daily person then you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun for a long time.

Sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on the back is an old fashion concept, but don’t worry if you can’t sleep comfortably on the back, try sleeping on your stomach, it will help you to sleep for a longer time and also you can breathe deeply.


As you know the size of your foot increases as you grow up. You should consider the size of your feet of your kids and match it with their shoes. If you have noticed that your baby is wearing slippers then it is time to change it to a pair of shoes.

As your kids grow up you need to know the size of their feet. For this, visit your pediatrician for a proper fitting.

Size of the feet of your kids

You can find hundreds of options on the internet for your kid and you need to be careful when you buy for them as they are more sensitive to size. If you get a wrong size, it can lead to some severe complications like blisters and pain.

You should check the shoes on the feet of your kids and also make sure that they are comfortable for them. They may have sensitive feet, so you need to use the socks that are made for their feet.

Your child’s activity

If your child is playing sports, then you need to match his shoes for it. He needs to wear shoes that will protect him from the injury caused by the activities. You should know the type of sport he is doing and get the appropriate shoes for it.

He may be into martial arts and you need to get him a pair of shoes that will keep him safe. If your kid likes to play soccer then you need to get a pair of soccer shoes that will protect him.

If your kid plays on the road then you need to get a good pair of sneakers for your kids. It is not only about the sports and you need to make sure that he gets all the necessary protection against the road.


In conclusion, it is very important to match the size of your kid’s feet and activity. You need to buy the shoes online to avoid the mistakes that are made in the local shops.

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