The Top Shoe Brands for Kids and Babies: From Comfort to Durability

Shoes are among the most important accessories for kids. They can make the difference between being stylish and looking like a homeless person.

I know, we all struggle to choose the right shoes for our kids because it’s really hard to decide on whether to get high-heeled or slip-on, cute or practical. But, we all agree on one thing. We all want comfortable shoes. We don’t want our kids to walk around like we do.

To ensure that your kid feels comfortable while they are walking, you need to look into the shoe brand that suits them. There are many reasons to consider when it comes to choosing shoes for your kids. Some are based on fashion, some on health and some on comfort.

In this blog, I will discuss some of the best shoe brands for children.

The Best Shoes for Kids

Let’s start with the most basic things. Most parents know that toddlers need to wear high-heeled shoes until they grow tall enough to keep their heels down. Some parents even keep their toddlers in baby shoes till their feet grow big enough to wear proper shoes.

Baby shoes aren’t a bad idea to prevent foot injuries. However, you need to use the right shoe size.

There are many types of baby shoes out there such as shoes with Velcro fasteners, slip-ons, boots and shoes with buckles. All of these options are good but there are certain types of shoes that you need to avoid. These include any type of lace-up shoes, plastic and rubber shoes or slippers.

They will limit the movement of your child’s feet as they can’t move freely. It will also increase the risk of developing toe and foot problems.

Kids Shoes With Velcro Fasteners

There are some shoes that you can use to prevent toe and foot injuries. These are Velcro-type shoes with flexible soles. The Velcro makes it easy for your kid to change their foot position quickly. You can buy shoes with Velcro fasteners that are ideal for your toddler.

Velcro shoes aren’t cheap, so you need to consider the following factors when making your purchase:






It’s not a secret that babies need comfort while playing, sitting and running around. It’s why Velcro shoes are a good choice for toddlers. They will allow your child to move freely while protecting their toes and feet from foot injuries.

The Most Effective Kids Shoes With Buckles

The shoes which kids wear play an important role in the life of their children. Kids need to wear right shoe as it will help to grow their feet properly. Right foot is as important as left foot as both have equal value. Kids shoes with buckles help them to wear shoes which are comfortable and fit well. Some kids can wear proper adult size shoes, but some kids need to wear proper kids size shoes.

Kids shoes with buckles will make your kid’s life easier as they will be able to walk easily and run freely. The kids who use to wear the wrong shoes are usually facing different problems like muscle pain and joint problems. I know some parents don’t trust the kids’ choice of the shoe. But it doesn’t matter as they are choosing the shoe according to their needs. If a child has a flatfoot, then he/she should choose the flatfoot design shoe.

If the child has high arches then he/she should choose the open toe design shoes. If the kids have narrow and short toes, then they should opt for the round toe design shoe.

Shoes for kids with buckles:

1. Flat Foot Design Shoe:

For kids with flat foot there are shoes available which will help them to get rid of the muscle and joint problems. These shoes are designed to be used by kids who have flat feet, not round feet. These shoes are recommended for kids who are in early childhood stages. There are special shoes designed for toddlers and kids. Kids are advised to wear this shoe as it will help them to grow strong and healthy feet. These shoes are made of quality leather material and have proper cushioning. The sole is made up of special rubber material which will help the kids to walk comfortably.

2. Open Toe Design Shoe:

For kids with high arches, the open toe design shoes are the most popular ones. Kids are usually worried about the pain they feel in the arch and the soreness in their feet. But open toe designs are the best for kids with high arches. Kids who use to walk a lot are prone to develop arthritis in the joints. So, these shoes will help them to get relief from arthritis and give a perfect fit.

3. Round Toe Design Shoe:

For the kids who have large and narrow toes, round toed designs are the best. They will not make the kids feel pain and discomfort. Kids who have the round toes should wear shoes which have the elastic strap. It will help them to get the right size and shape of the shoe.


Kids are always on a lookout for the new and latest trend. The kids who have flat foot can get relieved from the muscle and joint pain by wearing the flatfoot design shoes. The kids who have high arches can get relief from arthritis by wearing open toe design shoes. These kids shoes with buckles are easy to wear and are available in all the sizes. You can find any size of the kids shoes with buckles easily online.

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When it comes to toddlers, there are two types of footwear that your kids can wear.

Slip-On Shoes

These are very lightweight and simple to put on. They can fit all children and are great for running around and playing. They are easy to clean and don’t restrict movement.

Hiking Boots

They are heavier than slip-on shoes and don’t go with just all types of footwear. They are ideal for hiking and camping as they are a bit more protective.

Kids Shoes With Rubber Sole

Rubber-soled shoes are ideal for older toddlers who want a more durable pair of shoes. They are good for running around, jumping and playing. The sole will help to provide better traction and support for your child’s feet.


We all know that you need to buy comfortable shoes for your child, but not all shoes are comfortable for your child. You need to be careful about the types of shoe you buy because they can limit your kids’ movement, increase the risk of foot and toe injuries and make them uncomfortable.

Now, you have an idea on which shoe brands you should choose when buying children’s shoes.

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