How to Choose the Right Shoe Brand for Your Foot Type: From Wide Widths to Narrow Feet

Shoes play a vital role in making your look stylish and elegant. While choosing shoes from the available options there is a possibility that we get confused and confused between wide and narrow feet types. There are various reasons why we should choose the right shoe brand for our foot type.

Wider feet:

It might seem a bit funny as we think that we have the widest foot, but the truth is that you are not the widest person on the Earth. The shoe size depends on your foot width and shoe width will help you to choose the right shoe brands for your foot. If you have wider feet then you should try wider shoe brands because you will feel comfortable.

Narrow feet:

If you have narrow feet then you should avoid purchasing wide shoes. It seems like your shoes will pinch your toes. You should opt for narrow width brands only. So, what are the benefits of choosing narrow width shoe brands?

Shoe widths

When it comes to narrow shoes the shoe widths will vary from the widths of other brands. It will be difficult to compare between the widths. So, you will be able to decide the best shoe brands for your foot type. It will be easy to identify whether you have wide feet or narrow feet as shoe widths are different.

Foot shape

There are different types of foot shapes such as arch foot, flat foot, or a rounded foot. It is better to understand your foot shape when you purchase shoes as your feet will feel comfy while wearing shoes.

Fit And Attractive Body Is In Our Mind

Have you ever tried to buy a new clothing and the problem was that you were not getting what you expected? Or have you ever heard someone saying that he bought a jacket and it seems that it didn’t match the dress he is wearing. So, when you shop online, you should also follow the tips I am going to share with you, if you do follow those tips, then you will always get what you want.

How to shop online?

It seems that we are getting into the era of e-shopping and the most important thing to understand is that e-shopping is just like shopping in the physical stores, except you will not have to leave your house.

1. Make a list

Before buying any thing online, you should firstly make a list of the things you need. I mean if you have to buy a t-shirt, then make a list of the different types and sizes. It will help you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

2. Compare

Now, while shopping online, compare products between the websites. Always take into consideration of quality and price. You will get more products at lesser prices if you buy from the reliable website.

3. Keep an eye

Most of the websites will allow you to follow your order on time. So, once you complete your payment, your items will arrive on your doorsteps. If you are not happy with your purchases, then you can change your size, colour or you can ask for refund.

4. Shop according to your needs

You should always consider your own needs before shopping online. It is always better to buy a product that you like rather than buying it for your husband or the friend. The more comfortable you are with your purchase, the easier it will be for you to wear it.


If you follow these tips, you will always get what you want. If you are facing any problem, then you can always take help from the experts and the staff of online stores. You can simply contact customer support and they will guide you accordingly.

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5 Ways to Get Shiny & Long Hair

It is a proven fact that people who spend more time and money on their hair are usually more successful in the career field and in social life as well. Having beautiful and shiny hair will always enhance your personality and give you the confidence.

So, now the question is how to get healthy and shiny hair?

Here are the tips for the girls who want to have a healthy and shinier hair.

1. Use shampoo and conditioner

The first step is to wash your hair properly. You should use a shampoo which contains mild chemicals. The problem with most of the shampoos is that they contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your hair and scalp.

If you don’t want to use the harsh chemical, then you can go for a shampoo which is rich in protein. This will help you to strengthen the hair and make it strong.

In case you are looking for conditioner, then you can go for a conditioner which is rich in natural oil. This will protect your hair and will also make it more shiny.

2. Use hair mask

Hair masks are the best method to get a healthy hair. Using a hair mask is like taking medicine to your hair, so it is very beneficial to get a beautiful and healthy hair.

This is the most recommended hair mask for the women. It will stimulate growth of the hair, prevent breakage and prevent dandruff.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun

We know that the sun is the best beauty tool to get a healthy and long hair. But we should not overdo it because excessive sun exposure can cause dry and weak hair


The most important thing which makes a difference in your style is the fitting of your shoes. If you purchase shoes that are not fitted for your foot type, you will feel uncomfortable while walking. You will feel pain and get blisters on your feet.


There are many designs available in the market such as loafers, lace-ups, ankle boots, wedge, slingback, mules, ballet flats, wedges, open toe, flip-flops, sneakers, ballet slippers, sandals, and clogs. They will help you to create an appealing look. So, what should you do if you are confused between wide and narrow feet?

Wide feet:

For wide feet you should choose the wide shoe brands because your foot will be able to adjust to the width of the shoe. You will not feel any pain as they will fit your feet perfectly.

Narrow feet:

In case of narrow feet you will feel discomfort while wearing shoes, but you can avoid such problems if you choose the narrow shoe brands. It will be easier to fit your foot into the shoes as the width of the shoes is much narrower than the wide shoe brands.


Choosing the right shoe brands is very important for you. There are wide and narrow shoe brands, so you should select the right shoe brand according to your foot type. The right shoe brand will make your entire foot feel comfortable and they will be the best pair of shoes for your personality.

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