How to Organize Your Shoe Collection with Shoe Racks and Storage: From Shoe Boxes to Hanging Organizers

Shoes are the important part of our wardrobe as they hold a strong influence in making our appearance smart and stylish. Shoes are one of the accessories which adds fashion in our dressing sense and is most significant in maintaining our appearance.

But the question is, how to manage our shoes collection in order to save space and avoid it getting messy? The answer to this is that we can use shoe racks or shoe boxes which can be made from plastic, wood, bamboo and metal. So, it is advisable to have a pair of shoe racks and shoe storage boxes.

If you are thinking that how to organize your shoe collection, then I will provide you a list of the most common shoe racks and shoe boxes that are used by various people.

Shoe Boxes:

One of the most common shoe boxes used by the people is the shoe box. Most people use this shoe box to keep their shoes in a proper order. These shoe boxes are made from wood, plastic, cardboard and fabric.

The most common reason for buying this type of shoe box is to have it as a storage box for storing the shoes. Some people also use this shoe box to keep their kids’ shoes inside the shoe box.

Tips To Choose The Best Wooden Shoe Box

Have you ever wondered how we use our shoe box? There are a lot of shoe boxes that are available in the market and each of them has different size, material and design. So, when it comes to choosing the right wooden shoe box, you need to know everything about them.

Let me share with you some of the most important and effective tips to choose the perfect wooden shoe box for yourself.


The most important and vital thing is the size. Do you know how big a shoe box should be? If you don’t know, then let me tell you that you can buy different sizes of shoe boxes depending upon your requirement. The standard shoe box dimensions are 7” X 6”. This is a small and normal sized shoe box which is commonly used to store shoes. You can also find large shoe boxes, but you need to know that the larger one can easily hold a few pairs of shoes, whereas the smaller one is good to store your hand-made things. So, try to figure out your shoe size and select the box accordingly.


What type of material should be used for the shoe box? Well, I think this is the most common question among girls. A lot of shoe boxes are available in different types of materials like pine wood, plastic, cedar wood, painted plastic, etc. You can choose your favourite material according to your personal preference. However, I would suggest you to avoid wood as it might scratch the shoes. So, you can choose plastic, cedar or painted plastic and you will get amazing results.


Now the question is that whether you want a shoe box which will have some unique designs? I am pretty sure you want something unique for yourself and this is where you can get creative. Try to see the different designs and pick the one that looks amazing. So, keep creativity in mind and select the best wooden shoe box for yourself.


These were the tips to choose the perfect wooden shoe box for yourself. Hope you liked it.


It is common for a person to buy a pair of wooden shoe boxes as the main reason is to decorate it. They can be used for storing all types of stuff inside them. It is common for a person to use these shoe boxes to store their kid’s clothes.

These wooden shoe boxes are usually made from pine and the size of the shoe box depends on the type of the clothing you wish to store inside it. Wooden shoe boxes are best to keep the shoes, but it is recommended to clean the shoe boxes daily.

Metal Shoeboxes:

Metal shoe boxes are the most common shoe boxes as these are very durable and are also easy to maintain. Some people prefer this type of shoe box because of its simple design and style. These are also the most commonly used by people for the shoe storage. These are commonly available in different shapes, sizes and designs.

The most common materials used to make these shoe boxes are the steel and the aluminum. These are easily available online. If you search for the best aluminum shoe box, then you will get different types of designs, colors and styles available online.


From the above information, you can easily understand that which type of shoe box will be suitable for you. However, it is advisable to keep the shoe boxes in a clean environment, so they should be clean and dust free to keep your shoe box clean.

Shopping for the best shoe boxes can be an overwhelming task and can be frustrating for many people. So, if you are looking for the best shoe boxes, then visit the site that is designed to provide you with all types of shoe boxes in a wide range.

You can also use the shoe boxes to keep your kid’s shoes and also you can use this shoe boxes to keep your kid’s clothing. I hope this article was useful for you.

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