Keep Your Shoes Looking New with These Expert Shoe Care Tips

Most of the people do not have much awareness of the shoes they are wearing. They don’t care about their shoes as they have other things in their mind.

But the fact is that every person needs to wear shoes as it makes us feel more comfortable while walking. But if you wear shoes regularly, then your shoes will have to get changed after a certain time. And if you don’t care about your shoe than I am sure that it will wear out very quickly.

Here are some expert shoe care tips that will help you to keep your shoes in a better condition.

Use a shoe conditioner

It is essential for a shoe to be in a clean condition and the best way to keep them clean is to use a shoe conditioner. The conditioner will make your shoes softer and cleaner.

After cleaning, apply the conditioner on the shoe using a clean cloth or sponge. Keep it wet for a few seconds and then remove it from the shoe.

Keep your shoes stored correctly

When it comes to keeping our shoes in a perfect condition, the main thing is that we should store them properly. But storing them in a wrong place will be harmful for your shoes.

Always store your shoes in a box or bag which is made of soft material, and make sure that the box is clean. After putting it in the box, make sure to close the box securely.

Take off the old laces

The first step that you should do is removing the old laces as they will deteriorate the quality of the shoe. There are different types of laces available in the market and when you choose the type of shoe which is best for you, then you can keep it in a regular fashion.

Change the shoe brush

There are many shoe brushes available in the market which are made of different materials, but when it comes to choosing a good shoe brush for your shoes, then you can go with a natural leather shoe brush.

Keep the leather clean

The best thing to keep in mind is to clean the shoe leather with a natural shoe brush. If the shoe leather is kept in a dirty condition, then it will start giving a hard feel to the shoe. This feeling will eventually lead to the fall of the shoe.

Never use soap or detergent to clean your shoes

Many people think that washing the shoes with detergents will keep them smelling fresh and clean. But the truth is that detergents will leave a permanent smell on the shoes and may even cause allergies.

The Best Way To Remove Stains From Shoe Rubber

Shoes, what else? It’s an essential piece of clothing. Shoes provide us a perfect comfort while wearing as well as protect our feet from bad weather conditions. But they can be a source of pain and also a place for germs to settle. In fact, they are the most common place where bacteria can grow.

It’s hard to wash them in the usual way because the rubber parts are very strong and if you wash the shoes in a normal way then it might ruin the shoes. So, I will share with you the best way to remove stains from shoe rubber.

Use a detergent

If you haven’t already used a regular detergent, then you should do so, it will give you a good clean surface.

Rub your shoes with a clean and damp cloth

When it comes to cleaning a shoe, use the same technique which you have used for cleaning your home. Wash the shoes in hot water and rub them in a circular motion.

Get a shoe cleaner

You can use some shoe polish to protect the leather from water and moisture and also to give it a glossy look. You can use any shoe polish for this. But avoid shoe polishes which contain a lot of chemicals and perfumes.

3 Reasons Why Shoe Shine Products Are A Mistake

I am sure that most of the people don’t know what are shoe shine products and how they can be used. I am sharing here with you some interesting facts about them and the reasons behind the rise of shoe shine products.

There are different types of shoe shine products, but all of them have one common factor, they contain chemicals that are harmful to our health and make us look weird, and this is the main reason behind the rise of shoe shine products.

In this article, I am going to share with you some interesting facts about the use of shoe shine products and I hope you will understand why shoe shine products are harmful for our health and appearance. Let’s check out:

1) It is harmful for our skin

It contains chemicals which are extremely harmful for the skin like formaldehyde, hydroquinone, ammonia, benzoyl peroxide, toluene etc. They damage the hair and nails and they have strong smell as well.

2) It damages our hair

Shoe shine products damage your hair by destroying its natural shine. It is harmful for your hair because it is made up of protein and when you clean your shoes with chemicals it removes the natural protein from the hair.

If you have damaged hair then you will have dull hair. There are many hair oils, shampoos, conditioners etc., that will restore the natural shine to your hair, but the use of chemicals is still the best option.

3) It makes you look weird

If you wear the same shoes on a daily basis then the shoes are going to smell and they will turn dirty, but if you use a shoe polish product then the shoe is going to smell a lot more. I can bet you that the shoe will turn dark and it will have a very strong smell.


It seems to me that shoe shine products are a big mistake for you. If you are using shoe shine products then you are damaging your skin and hair and you are also going to look weird.


When it comes to removing stains from the shoes, it is better to use some shoe polish or water instead of using the shoe shine products. But if you really don’t want to waste money on buying these products then you can use the shoe polish on your shoe.


So, these were the simple steps to remove stains from shoe rubber. I am sure you will like these tips to clean the shoes and will be safe.


One of the best ways to keep your shoes in a good condition is to clean them in the right way. Use a shoe shine liquid that contains a mix of oil and alcohol. This mixture is best to keep your shoes looking new for a longer time.


Shoes are an essential part of our life and we should be responsible for them. Make sure to follow these shoe care tips and keep your shoes in a good shape.

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